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Kusu Handmade 日本香薰楠の小熊 | Kusu Handmade Aroma Bear
Kusu Handmade 日本香薰楠の小熊 | Kusu Handmade Aroma Bear

Kusu Handmade 日本香薰楠の小熊 | Kusu Handmade Aroma Bear

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Sakae Lifestyle : Authorized Retailer 日本授權經銷商 (行貨)


  • 素材:棉、聚酯、人造絲、聚苯乙烯 (眼球、鼻)
  • 原產地:日本
  • 呎吋:高約21cm
  • 重量:約100克


    • 高約21厘米,重約100克
    • 適合 6 歲以上小孩
    • 請遠離火源
    • 不適用於乾衣機,如弄髒建議用軟布擦拭


    九州産クスノキから抽出したオイルとラベンダーオイルをブレンドしたアロマビーズをぬいぐるみに詰めました。甘すぎない、すっきりとしたやさしい香りです。Sakae Lifestyle : Authorized Retailer 授權零售商


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    Little aroma bear stuffed with aromatic beads blended with lavender oil and oil extracted from Kyushu cypress. A relax gentle scent.

    A natural eco-blocks from Japan Kyushu that protects clothing with the power of Kusunoki (camphor). The fragrance of Kusunoki spreads around as soon as you open the box set.

    You can drop the Kusu Handmade camphor oil to the eco-blocks for recycle use.

    • Material:Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Polystyrene (eye & nose)
    • ScentsKusunoki (camphor) & Lavender 
    • Country of Origin:Japan
    • Size:Approx 21cm H
    • Weight:Approx 100g

    **The texture, pattern and color of every piece may vary, please consider to accept before you make order

    *Aroma last for about 6 months

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